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The Corpus Design Studio team always endeavors to achieve more in the undertaken tasks and therefore, the best award for us is our customers’ appreciation. We want to thank to all who trusted us and estimated our work!


What makes me writing now this recommendation to Corpus Design Studio with pleasure is the quality of the implemented work on our web site

The task we assigned them at the beginning was a web site, which had to present our company and the large assortment of products and services we offer. This is a responsible aim, because we have thousands of products and complex classification, as per our activity specificity. However, Corpus coped brilliantly!

They suggested adequate structure, so the web site users will be maximally facilitated in our product catalog orientation. The web site design allows unfolding our activity in its full diversity and presenting the content with style and in use of our products’ consumers. In spite of the large amount of the product catalog, the web site is quality optimized and doesn’t make confusions. I am really impressed by the communication between our team and Corpus Design Studio’s team. In every moment we knew as for the progress of our project, as for some difficulties arouse and what their suggestions were. They gave us quality advices and shown totally concentration and render to the purpose. Our team is pretty busy and we don’t expect to be informed for everything, but Corpus Design Studio give solutions instead of problems and there is nothing left for me, but to congratulate them for their professionalism!

Deyan Kiryazov, manager
Aquamat 2000


Corpus Design Studio left us with splendid impressions with their prompt and appropriate suggestions for the creation of our corporate web site.

They worked out the web site structure for us, the web design, the web programming and created multy-functional administrative panel, which allows us to make changes separately and to up-date the information.

Our beneficial work with Corpus Design Studio is also due to the perfect communication with the creative team of the company, who advised us all the time for the structure development, the content and the design of our web site.

Rumen Dimov, Executive Director

Tarini Group


I used to work with other agencies and people on self-management. All of them, no exception, kept on asking me the same question: “- What do you want?”. That made me very active in the “design” and I had to spent a lot of time and efforts. We work together with Corpus Design Studio for 3 years and there is no unfulfilled engagement for this period. It is a team of realy good specialists. I was surprised by their work manner, every single project was implemented without my involvement, but at the end I’d seen more than everything I had imagined. I like the Corpus Design Studio’s attitude to work and to us. At each stage of our progress, Corpus Design Studio participated indirectly with advertising and marketing consults. We had always looked in one direction and this makes me feel them as part of my own team, makes me trust them completely and I know that they will always work in my advantage.

I give my sincere recommendations for Corpus Design Studio to those, who want to receive personal attitude to advertisement, very high control of product’s quality and truly reliable partner.

Vanya Ovcharova, manager
Elfy Tours


Karaci Tours work entirely with Corpus Design Studio already 2 years. Behind are: overall advertising solutions and advertising campaigns for Karaci Tours offices in the country; stands and advertising materials for exhibition participations, metro media campaigns; promotional campaigns and advertisement installations. Everything was fulfilled qualitative and on time. Corpus is a company, which works exclusively upright and constantly proves itself. Karaci Tours recommends Corpus Design Studio to the companies which do believe that the quality advertisement is the one, which works and deserves.


Djemal Lutfi, manager
Karaci Tours International


I give my recommendation for Corpus Design Studio, because they made “incredible design” of labels Karandila; because they were most precise and correct with everything within the project; because they are great team and I want all advertising agencies to be like them. To me it is important to know, that I can rely on people, who take each project to heart and don’t stop until they reach the maximum. I congratulate you, Corpus, and I recommend you to everybody.

Veselin Sokolov, manager