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Corporate identity - Sitnikol

Client: Sitnikol
Portfolio:  Catalogue | Logo | Folder
Travel agency “Sitnikol” truested Corpus Design Studio to re-design the logo as well as the development of a catalog and folder in line with the new corporate identity of the company.
Corporate Identity – VMobile

Corporate Identity – VMobile

Client: VMobile
Portfolio:  Logo | Business cards
Corpus Design Studio created unique corporate identity, including logo and business cards for V Mobile. The design of the logo is developed with the idea of high technologies and telecommunications and expresses the modern vision of the company. Corpus Design Studio created business cards, including basic elements of the overall look of the company. 
Corporate identity – Max Railing

Corporate identity – Max Railing

Client: Max Railing
Portfolio:  Logo | Blank | Business cards | Catalog
Corpus Design Studio developed corporate identity for Max Railing including logo, forms and business cards. The design that Corpus Design Studio developed, makes company’s logo easily recognized by clients.
Corporate identity - Cesena

Corporate identity - Cesena

Corporate identity - Cesena
Client: Cesena
Portfolio:  Logo | Business card | Folder | Menu | Plate for booking
Corpus Design Studio created corporate identity for Cesena, inclusing logo, business cards, menus and plates for booking. The company logo of the restaurant is consistent with the elegant style of the place. Corpus Design Studio developed modern and elegant design of the company business cards and also provided printing and delivery. Our designers made a menu, consistent with the corporate identity of the company, Another element created by Corpus Design Studio is plates for booking.


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