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Client: Wedding Center Sofia
Portfolio:  Web Site
Corpus Design Studio elaborates product web site design for the biggest specialized wedding store in Bulgaria - Wedding Centre Sofia. We endeavor to work out product web site with modern vision, which is suitable and pleasant for usage from the users. The web site order allows the fast users orientation among enormous variety of products and services of Wedding Centre Sofia. In the new web site you can find utility instruments, such as wedding list and favor products list, which you can use to facilitate the organization of a wedding celebration.
Web site of Zara Consult
Client: Zara Consult
Portfolio:  Web site
is a leading Company, which supplies services in the field of accountancy, tax-legal and business consultations. Zara Consult’s customers are Bulgarian and International companies in almost all economic sectors.

Corpus Design Studio works out design, programming and SEO (optimization) of the new corporate web site of Zara Consult. The web site presents the Company and the offered services to Bulgarian and international clients. In the new corporate web site the visitors will acquaint in details with the full range of services, performed by Zara Consult.
Client: Irrigation
Portfolio:  Web site
Corpus Design Studio developed the product web site of the young company “Irrigation” Ltd. The company presents big variety of irrigation and garden planting products in its new web site.
From the web site the customers will be able to receive detailed information for all the products and will be able to order on-line. We, the team of Corpus Design Studio, we tried to create easy and user friendly web site navigation which together with the beautiful product design will make clients enjoy their visit in the web site.
Client: Aquamat 2000
Portfolio:  Web site
Aquamat 2000 is a company with many-years-experience and traditions in offering products for irrigation and developing of irrigation systems. On the new web site the company presents rich assortment of products and services with detailed information for them. Indeed, this was a great challenge for Corpus Design Studio - when we had to create the web site, we had to figure out a structure, which will maximally facilitate the customers in their product catalog orientation. The opportunity to buy products and services online through the new company web site is another useful advantage for the clients.
Client: TN Engineering
Portfolio:  Web site
Web site developed by Corpus Design Studio for TN Engineering properly present the long-years-company-experience in the research and building projection. The modern website introduces the company with information for the offered services and completed projects through the years. Corpus Design Studio created a gallery of the company’s projects as well with a fast and easy access to it for the users and website guests.
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