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Corpus Design Studio offers to all clients overall solutions for developing web sites. Our service includes examination of your Business, preparation of structure and content of the web site project, creation of unique web design and program execution of the plan. With us you receive a fully operational product without additional efforts from you.

We create web sites
according to the specific needs and the particular situation in each client’s business.


Corpus Design Studio offers individual solutions for the development of your business in Internet. We created innovatory system for web design, web programming and popularizing (SEO) of sites, no matter what is your field of business, or size and functionality of your web site. After detailed survey and careful planning, we can offer you to expand overall on-line business, according to your market and competition. We create aesthetic and facial web design; via programming, we build up functionality convenient either to the users of the web site, either for managing and analysing your on-line business.

We can implement for you:


The web programming is fulfilled according to the latest international web standards and the web design is conformable to the most actual optimization requirements of content by Internet search engines.
We don’t restrict only to web design of a site, but we take care to understand your business and to create a face in Internet, which would be searched and found.

Share your ideas with us and we will consult you for the successful development of your business in Internet.


  • web design / Portfolio - Trace


  • web design / Portfolio - Brain Storm Consult

    Corpus Design Studio developed structure, design and programming realisation of corporate website for Brain Storm Consult. Clients can see the activities of the company, offered products and services ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Vini Bulgaria

    Corpus Design Studio created website and programmed website that is fully consistent with the attractive look of the brand Vini Bulgaria. On the website customers can find the wide range of wines, ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Protech

    Corpus Design Studio developed a project for a website of Portech . The project consists of structure and design consistent with the corporate identity and overall look of the company. The website ...

  • web design / Portfolio - E-Hotels

    Corpus Design Studio created a project for a website where customers can find the hotels, offered by “E-Hotels” and to see the special offers and discounts. The modern look of the website ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Max Railing

    Corpus Design Studio developed structure, design and programming implementation of website for Max Railing. Customers can find wide variety of items, conveniently divided into different categories. ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Car Wash

    Corpus Design Studio designed the corporative web site of CarWash. The web site is consistent with an established corporate identity of the company. In the corporate web site users will be familiar ...

  • web design / Portfolio - SIS technology


  • web design / Portfolio - Bulgarian Book Association


  • web design / Portfolio - Medimag MS


  • web design / Portfolio - Sport International


  • web design / Portfolio - Great Wall


  • web design / Portfolio - Bulgermed


  • web design / Portfolio - Ni-Kai


  • web design / Portfolio - Famous Food Catering

    ... Design Studio designed and the programming of the new Company’s corporate website. The website presents the Company’s material base for events organization. The ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Green Municipality

    Green Municipality had trusted Corpus Design Studio again by assigning them a task of developing website for the organization. Through the website design, Corpus Design Studio succeeded to comply ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Wedding Center Sofia

    Corpus Design Studio elaborates product web site design for the biggest specialized wedding store in Bulgaria - Wedding Centre Sofia. We endeavor to work out product web site with modern vision, ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Zara Consult

    ... Design Studio works out design, programming and SEO (optimization) of the new corporate web site of Zara Consult. The web site presents the Company and the offered services to Bulgarian ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Irrigation

    Corpus Design Studio developed the product web site of the young company “Irrigation” Ltd. The company presents big variety of irrigation and garden planting products in its new web ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Efly tours

    ... offers complex tourist services since 1998. Well developed by Corpus Design studio, their web site presents the company in new brighter light. The attractive web site offers current ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Aquamat 2000

    ... traditions in offering products for irrigation and developing of irrigation systems. On the new web site the company presents rich assortment of products and services with detailed information ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Sunking

    Corpus Design Studio created new web site of Sunking – a leading company on the Bulgarian market, which offers high quality solariums and solar cosmetic. In their web site you can see abundant ...

  • web design / Portfolio - TN Engineering

    Web site developed by Corpus Design Studio for TN Engineering properly present the long-years-company-experience in the research and building projection. The modern website introduces the company ...

  • web design / Portfolio - KI Technology

    Corpus Design Studio elaborated modern web site, conformable to the company activity and corporate identity. For K.I. Technology, we worked out the design, the front-end modules and back-end system ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Tyurkmen

    ... by “Agro-Erg” EOOD company. For the company needs, Corpus Design Studio worked out web site, which presents the Turkmen trademark and its excellent wine sorts and crops. Through the ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Tarini Grup

    The attractive web site of Tarini Group, elaborated by Corpus Design studio, offers up-to date information about the company, its activity and the services they supply. Tarini group is a company with ...

  • web design / Portfolio - KI Invest Holding

    ... stable takes part in the production branches, in the services field, hotel-services and trade. The web design and the structure development of the new holding’s web site were assigned to ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Uromedix

    ... hospital for active treatment in Bulgaria. Corpus Design Studio worked out the clinic’s website in traditional blue colors appropriate for public health station. In the web site of ...

  • web design / Portfolio - PFC Brestnik 1948

    ... 1948” is a football team, for which Corpus Design Studio elaborated impressive web page. In the web site could be seen up-to-date news regarding the club; the present team ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Pimar

    ... leading company in the chicken breeding and quality chicken goods production. When developing the web site, Corpus Design Studio tried to present properly the quality of the products, produced by ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Agro ERG

    Agro ERG is part of the K.I. Invest holding family and assigned the creation of their corporate web site to Corpus Design Studio. Agro ERG is a leading Bulgarian agriculture companies with formed ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Hotel Berkut

    ... Studio elaborated the structure, the design and the program fulfillment of hotel Berkut’s web page. The colors and the pleasant atmosphere at the hotel are presented in the web site as ...

  • web design / Portfolio - ACE HR Services

    ... at administrative, expert and middle management level. Corpus Design Studio created the corporate web page’s design, which was conformable to the graphic conception of the company. On the web ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Teambuilding Adventures

    ... in mind the offered by the company services, Corpus Design Studio worked out the design of the new website in fun style, using different colors and pictures of interesting characters for the diverse ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Budmax

    ... of Romanian Arabesque Group. The company chose Corpus Design Studio to elaborate presentational web site when they settle on the Bulgarian market. The web site design is conformable to ...

  • web design / Portfolio - Soft Skills Solutions

    Soft Skills Solutions trusted Corpus Design Studio for the elaboration of their corporate web site. The company offers individual approaches in training in team developments and is part of ACE Group. ...


  • ACE HR Services

    ... card, clock, advertisement packaging bag and car branding. Along with the creation of new corporate identity for ACE HR Services, Corpus Design Studio also elaborated the new corporate ...

  • Zara Consult

    ... and corporate identity. Subsequently to successfully develop corporate identity, Corpus Design Studio works out design, programming and SEO (optimizations) of the new corporate web site of ...

  • Agro ERG

    Agro ERG is part of the K.I. Invest holding family and assigned the creation of their corporate web site to Corpus Design Studio. The company activity is related to agrarian industrial. Agro ERG is a ...

  • PFC Brestnik 1948

    ... 1948” is a football team in “B” Southeast group. Corpus Design Studio elaborated web site and logotype for the team. The web site of PFC “Brestnik 1948” exceeds most ...

  • Wedding Center Sofia

    ... guests of the special day. For Wedding Centre Sofia we elaborated the new design conception of advertising materials, whish we successfully applied to calendar, poster and billboard, and ...

  • Irrigation

    Corpus Design Studio developed the product web site of the young company “Irrigation” Ltd. The company presents big variety of irrigation and garden planting products in its new web ...

  • Famous Food Catering

    Famous Food Catering is a leading Company in the area of providing complex and overall events servicing. Corpus Design Studio developed a corporate website and corporate identity for the ...

  • Magura Winery

    ... Vrachanska temenuga and Magurska grozdova. Corpus Design Studio updates and maintains the company’s web site and worked out a corporative Facebook page, presenting the wine series of ...

  • Corporate website - Association to help PVA


  • Apartment House Sofia

     Apartment House Sofia is for a long stay. It offers modern, elegant furnished apartments to its guests. The hotel hired Corpus Design Studio to develop web site design and brochure ...

  • Car Wash

    ... car wash in Bulgaria which combines advanced technology from top level German experience and traditions. Corpus Design Studio created design and development for the corporative website of ...

  • Max Railing

    Max Railing is an importer and offers the market the largest variety of railings, fencing and sheds. Cospus Design Studio designed a logo, corporative identity and ...

  • E-Hotels

    ... presents special offers of hotels across the country. Corpus Design Studio developed a project to design a website, presenting a variety of hotels, promotions and packages offered by the ...

  • Protech

    ... dealing with design, installation, implementation and maintenance of high tech electronic systems. Corpus Design Studio developed special project, including structure and design of a website of ...

  • Brain Storm Consult

    ... state of affairs, planning of business activities. Professionals of the company trusted Corpus Design Studio for the design and programming of a corporate website and development of advertising ...


  • web design / Portfolio

    Web sites according to the particular customer need. Corpus Design Studio offers to all clients overall solutions for developing web sites. Our service includes examination of your Business, ...

  • web design / Сorporate web site

    WEB DESIGN OF CORPORATE WEB SITE Every Company needs presentation in the Internet space with well developed corporate web site. By individual web design and well structured web site, you will be ...

  • web design / On-line catalogue

    WEB DESIGN OF ON-LINE CATALOGUE (E-CATALOGUE)   The on-line catalogue (e-catalogue) is appropriate to present wide range of products or services. By creating suitable web design and ...

  • web design / Online shop

    WEB DESIGN OF ONLINE SHOP (E-SHOP)   The researches shows even more growth in online purchases, therefore the best opportunity to increase your sales is a well developed web design and ...

  • web design / Promotional web site

    WEB DESIGN OF PROMOTIONAL WEB SITE For the successful presentation of a product or service, you need a promotional web site. Creating web design of a promotional web site, we put accent over ...

  • web design / Business Systems

    Systems for the management of your business. Corpus Design Studio creates upon order, web based systems tailored to your specific needs and purposes. We will analyze the processes in your company ...

  • web design / Internet Campaign

    An Effective way to make your Business and Web site even more popular on the Internet. To advertise your business on the Internet, Corpus Design Studio will develop and lead your advertisement ...

  • SEO / Search engine optimization (SEO)

    Search engine optimization (SEO) The researches in the IT industry show that over 86% of the web sites traffic is generated by the search machines and only 14% from direct entering and banners ...

  • SEO / On-Page Optimization (SEO)

    ... Page Rank verification. Creation of optimization strategy (seo) – description of the website structure, meta tags selection, calculation of weight, density and prominence for the key ...

  • SEO / Off-page Optimization

    The Off-page seo optimization is related to website popularization and to creation of links network, which is essential for achieving higher Page Rank and good web site positioning. We offer ...

  • SEO / Advertising Campaigns

    As to see optimization results are necessary a few web site re-indexations, the ascent to the first page takes between 3 and 6 months. Meanwhile, it is advisable to use paid advertising services, ...

  • about us / Corpus Design Studio

    ... projects, as in the graphic design and printed advertisement, so in the Internet advertisement, as web design, web programming, internet marketing and SEO (optimization). Corpus Design Studio ...

  • about us / Recommendations

    ... recommendation to Corpus Design Studio with pleasure is the quality of the implemented work on our web site www.aquamat2000.com. The task we assigned them at the beginning was a web site, which ...



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